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Lynn M. Meier

MRS. LYNN MEIER has been involved in education for more than twenty-five years, with an emphasis in history, literature, Bible, and music. She has taught in elementary, secondary, and college classes and private music lessons. In addition to classroom experience, she homeschooled her own children for a number of years. Lynn has been involved with the ministry of Pilgrim Institute, teaching at introductory and advanced seminars, assisting in the Department of Correspondence Studies, and helping to prepare newsletters and other materials for publication. She is a contributing author and editor of The Mighty Works of God elementary history series. Lynn has also written the syllabus, A Guide for Teaching Aesop's Fables -- Lessons in Life for Students of All Ages. She and Ruth Smith co-authored the Teaching Guide, An American Christian Approach for Teaching Christopher Columbus and the Discovery of the New World.


Materials Available
Teaching Elementary History-The Mighty Works of God
The Christian and Pagan Ideas of God, Man and Government
Teaching Lit. in the Primary Grades: The Works of A.A. Milne
Open. the Door to West. North America: Lewis & Clark Expedition
Using Charts to Record Research and Reasoning
Home Influences for Character and Patriotism
"I Pledge Allegiance..."
How Can I Teach the Bible as Literature?
Teaching the Writings of A.A. Milne
American Leadership in the 20th Century
Luther Burbank: The Genius Who Trained Plants
Home Influence
Lit. that Teaches Less. in Life - Aesop's Fables for All Grades
The Influence of Music
Planting Seeds of Patriotism
Restoring America's Biblical Foundations DVD's
Restoring America's Biblical Foundations Study Kit
Teaching Christopher Columbus and the Discovery of the New World
A Guide for Teaching Aesop's Fables
Discerning the Foundations of Subjects, How to 4-R 
Music in America