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Rudiments of America's Christian History and Government


For over 40 years, Pilgrim Institute has led the way in equipping parents, educators, and concerned citizens through live in-person classes and seminars.

Recognizing the impact and value of online virtual learning, Pilgrim Institute now makes available Rudiments of America's Christian History and Government.

In this online virtual format, you will discover:

  • America's strong foundation on Biblical principles
  • The remarkable record of God's Hand at work in all of history, for all men and nations
  • The history of the Bible in relation to the history of liberty
  • The key principles of self and civil government necessary to perpetuate our Republic
  • The tools of Biblical reasoning which enable you to discern a Biblical view of any topic, issue, academic subject, etc.
  • A wealth of ideas and inspiration for your home, small group, classroom, or church

The Rudiments of America's Christian History and Government Online Virtual Course includes the following:

  • Professional Power Point with audio-led lectures via Zoom conferencing
  • A proven sequence of study
  • Clear step-by-step lessons
  • Directed questions to construct your personal mastery of America's Christian history, government, and education Guided study of The Christian History of the Constitution of the United States of America and Teaching and Learning America's Christian History
  • Individualized insights, comments, and suggestions from an experienced instructor

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Registration Fee -- $275.00

June 14 - August 4, Meeting twice weekly; Tuesday and Thursday 1:00-3:00 pm eastern time.

Partial Scholarships available. Click here for details.


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