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Mrs. Linda Koeniglinda koenig

Mrs. Linda Koenig holds a Master’s Degree in Business Administration from Lindenwood University. She has been a college instructor and an independent computer consultant, and has developed and taught numerous training classes and seminars for business and military. Linda is also the mother of ten adopted children, ages 10 through seventeen. It was over fourteen years ago that the Lord called her from a career outside the home to be a keeper at home and a helpmeet to her husband. Linda is now a dedicated enthusiastic homeschool mom with a passion for teaching. She was first exposed to the Principle Approach over fourteen years ago. When Linda heard about America's true Christian History for the first time it became a life-changing event, igniting a fire within her that has never been extinguished. Linda has received training through the Pilgrim Institute and studied under the American Christian History Institute through the Tutorial Certification Program. Since that time Linda has been actively involved in home education, training others to educate their children at home as well as researching, reviewing, studying and writing curriculum. Linda went home to be with the Lord in July of 2014.


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