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Leadership Demanded by a Republic
  • Leadership Demanded by a Republic

Leadership Demanded by a Republic


Leadership Demanded by a Republic
James Rose

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  "The Christian principle of SELF GOVERNMENT is the Christian principle upon which this nation is founded.  Our form of civil government - a Constitutional Federal REPUBLIC is based upon Christianity's form of government - Christian Self-Government.

    "A Constitutional Federal Republic demands, calls for, requires, American Christian leadership be taught, illustrated, and demonstrated on four levels/arenas, simultaneously, for the purpose of advancing individual liberty and self government. As parents, pastors, pedagogues, and producers lead (follow Christ, the Bible) in these four arenas, simultaneously, a Republic can be preserved and perpetuated.

"The four levels are:

"LOCAL SELF-GOVERNING HOME/FAMILY - What would parents - Dad and Mom - be found doing in a local self-governing home to Teach, Illustrate and Demonstrate self-government?

"LOCAL SELF GOVERNING CHURCH - What would the pastor and members be doing to Teach, Illustrate and Demonstrate local self-government?

"LOCAL CHRISTIAN HOME OR DAY SCHOOL - What would the "pedagogues" - administration and faculty - be doing to Teach, Illustration and emonstrate American Christian Education for the purpose of sustaining and advancing the capacity to reason from the Bible and practice self government? 

"LOCAL BUSINESS - What could a local, self-governing producer - employers and employees - do to sustain and advance individual liberty and self government under a Constitutional Federal Republic?"

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