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DVD Bundle Am. Christ. Leadership in the Home, Church and Nation

DVD Bundle Am. Christ. Leadership in the Home, Church and Nation


Bundle Includes:

  • The Character and Responsibility of a Leader
  • "For Such a Time as This"
  • Leadership Demanded by a Republic
  • Cultivating American Christian Leadership
  • For descriptions of each presention, see below.

The Character and Responsibility of a Leader
Carl Henry
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 What is the character of a leader? What is his responsibility? In this 45-minute presentation, Pastor Carl Henry, uses God's Word to direct our reasoning as we look at the Biblical persons of Elder (writer), Gaius, Diotrephes, and Demetrius from 3rd John.

Laying the foundation of the qualities of a leader, using Titus chapter 1, Pastor Henry makes the Biblical case that God is the Originator of the ability found in a leader based upon the Truth of God's word that has taken root in the leader.

After watching this DVD, you will have a firm understanding of the qualities and responsibilites of a leader, and be better able to discern true leadership in your ministry.

Recommended for all Christians, especially those in pastoral leadership.


"For Such a Time as This"
Ruth Smith

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 God has a plan which He is accomplishing in each of our lives and in the life of each nation. The Word of God reveals the Hand of God working in specific events, placing just the right individual in the right place at the right time. As individuals, the challenge for us is to learn to rest in His Providence. 

We must learn to rest in His Providence in our personal lives and as it relates to our nation. Does this mean we simply sit idly by, or do we assume our Biblical responsibility for our nation? What is that responsibility? It is God who places the rulers in authority, but we must consider on what basis does He determine the rulers for a nation?


Leadership Demanded by a Republic
James Rose

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"The Christian principle of SELF GOVERNMENT is the Christian principle upon which this nation is founded.  Our form of civil government - a Constitutional Federal REPUBLIC is based upon Christianity's form of government - Christian Self-Government.
    "A Constitutional Federal Republic demands, calls for, requires, American Christian leadership be taught, illustrated, and demonstrated on four levels/arenas, simultaneously, for the purpose of advancing individual liberty and self government. As parents, pastors, pedagogues, and producers lead (follow Christ, the Bible) in these four arenas, simultaneously, a Republic can be preserved and perpetuated.

"The four levels are:
"LOCAL SELF-GOVERNING HOME/FAMILY - What would parents - Dad and Mom - be found doing in a local self-governing home to Teach, Illustrate and Demonstrate self-government?
"LOCAL SELF GOVERNING CHURCH - What would the pastor and members be doing to Teach, Illustrate and Demonstrate local self-government?
"LOCAL CHRISTIAN HOME OR DAY SCHOOL - What would the "pedagogues" - administration and faculty - be doing to Teach, Illustration and emonstrate American Christian Education for the purpose of sustaining and advancing the capacity to reason from the Bible and practice self government? 
"LOCAL BUSINESS - What could a local, self-governing producer - employers and employees - do to sustain and advance individual liberty and self government under a Constitutional Federal Republic?"


Cultivating American Christian Leadership
Ralph Bullard


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God has given each of us our own local field in which we are to plant, water, nurture, and develop leadership -- each individual's field is unique to himself. You may be a parent or grandparent, a teacher, a pastor, a homeschool parent, or a business leader. Wherever God has placed you, He has given you the responsibility for the development of that field.


Ralph Bullard, a father of ten and grandfather of many, served as headmaster of a thriving American Christian school for over 30 years, has demonstrated the cultivation of leadership in others. In this presentation he shares the qualities required by each of us to cultivate leadership in others and how to cultivate American Christian leadership.