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The Pilgrims and Their Pastor

The Pilgrims and Their Pastor

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The Pilgrims and Their Pastor
Mrs. Ruth Smith

"...when their sturdy feet pressed Plymouth Rock they had a conscience void of offense toward Holland, England and God.  An invisible hand had guided the helm of the Mayflower to a rock from which, in a wintry storm, a group of simple-hearted heroes, with bare heads, could proclaim a Church without a bishop and a State without a King." (Thomas Armitage)


 "The Pilgrims learned Biblical reasoning from Pastor John Robinson during their twelve years in Holland.  Thus they were prepared to extend Christian principles into civil government and to deal with the problems that confronted them in the New World."  (Rosalie Slater) 

Never to set foot in the New World, yet Pastor John Robinson left an indelible imprint in the lives of these "simple-hearted heroes."

God used the life and ministry of one Pastor John Robinson to germinate the seed of local self-government in the lives of this small band of Pilgrims.  This presentation will examine the life of Pastor Robinson and the impact of this small band upon an entire nation.


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