Representatives and Their Duty

As I watched the news last evening, I was contemplating events taking place in my home state, as well as several states in the Midwest. Several thoughts came to mind:

As our representatives were elected, they were sent to “stand in our place” to make decisions according to their conscience. When difficult choices are to be made, what are the expectations of those they represent? Do we anticipate that they will take their place and make decisions, even when they are difficult? I reflected on the fact that our young men and women are facing hard decisions on a field of battle. That battle is life threatening and yet they go forth with courage each day to protect the liberty for each of us. Can we not expect that our representatives will have the same courage when all they are facing is a war with words? How can they leave the state and go into hiding rather than be about the business they were elected to do?

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    • Denise
    • February 23, 2011

    My concern is that the legislators are making decisions based upon the will of the mob and not the rule of law; that they are failing to understand their state constitution and uphold it; that they are looking for their own popularity and future votes rather than making certain the law is upheld. This is certainly not what they were elected to do, nor does it reflect their oath of office.

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