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Restoring America’s Biblical Foundations

A powerful, positive, and attractive Biblical view of God, man, and government is displacing and destroying the isolation, ignorance, and indifference many Christians have had concerning their nation and its Gospel purpose. American Christian History Institute was established to re-educate the American Christian in his responsibility to be governed by principles of the Scriptures in all areas of life, including the civil sphere, and to restore the understanding and practice of local self-government. This educational program embraces all Christians in America.

American Christian History Institute (A.C.H.I.) was established in 1968 for the purpose of teaching Christians: That there would be no America if there were no Christianity; Why Christians are so important to God in respect to “His Story” and government of men and nations; How responsible they are for the quality and conduct of American education, government and economics; and How to restore America’s historic Biblical method of reasoning to the home, church and school, the three constituents of Constitutional Liberty.

In 1978, the Institute’s founders– the foremost American Christian Historian, Verna M. Hall and Educator, Rosalie J. Slater– appointed James B. Rose to carry on their legacy, which is to return to fundamental principles of America’s Christian History, Government, and Education.

Restoring America’s Biblical Foundation, a Joint Ministry with A.C.H.I. and Pilgrim Institute

Mr. Rose, a longtime friend of Mrs. Ruth Smith and her family and a ministry partner was instrumental in the join ministry effort of the development of Restoring America’s Biblical Foundations study. He is featured as a gifted master teacher in the following sessions, as featured in the video series, and available individually from PilgrimInstitute.org

Mr. James B. Rose, President

The American Christian History Institute program and publications are based upon the Holy Scriptures and the distinguished source books, The Christian History of the Constitution by Verna M. Hall, and Teaching and Learning America’s Christian History by Rosalie J. Slater, published by the Foundation for American Christian Education.A Must for Every American Christian Parent & Educator!

The Classic Curriculum Guide of The Principle Approach

For The Home and School — The Principle Approach

By James B. Rose

“…the restoration of The Principle Approach is a major contribution of James Rose’s ministry to Christians who wish to once again both learn and teach that Biblical philosophy of education which formed us ‘one nation under God.” —- Rosalie J. Slater 

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Jim’s Story, by the Rose Family, February 2019

James B. Rose was born on September 17, 1938, in Golconda, NV. (Interesting that he should have been born on Constitution Day!) He was the only child born to John and Ruby Rose. In 1941, his family moved to California and soon thereafter his parents divorced. When he was about 8 years old, a neighborhood girl invited him to a Child Evangelism Fellowship Vacation Bible School. Then a member of the local Baptist church visited his home and invited him to ride the bus to church. As a result, he asked Jesus to be his Lord and Savior.

While Jim was in college, he met Bill Hosmer who introduced him to the home studies of Verna Hall and Rosalie Slater and where he learned about and became fascinated with the principles of America’s Christian History. After he earned a degree in Business Administration, he enlisted as an officer in the U.S. Navy.

He met the love of his life, Barbara Burgess, at a business meeting. They discovered that they both were interested in history and political science. Jim and Barbara attended a Constitution Discussion Group in San Francisco. She was just as intrigued with the ideas presented and desired to know more of the God to which the history referred. Their friendship grew. On August 6, 1966, they were married in Redwood City. They spent the next ten years traveling nationwide, teaching America’s Christian History. Jim and Barbara prayed for some children and God heard their plea and entrusted four precious children to the busy couple.

After much research, Jim wrote and published A Guide to American Christian Education for the Home and School – the Principle Approach. He served as headmaster of American Christian Academy, president of American Christian History Institute, managed Home School programs, and traveled nationwide teaching America’s Christian History. He was a hands-on dad, served as a deacon in his local Baptist church, was a wonderful husband and father, encourager, mentor, friend, and faithful servant of Jesus Christ.

On January 19, 2019, at the age of 80, Jim went home to be with Jesus. His health had declined over the last several years. In September 2018, his son and daughter-in-law invited Jim and Barbara to move into their home in Colville, WA. It was there that he suffered a stroke from which he could not recover.

He will be greatly missed by his wife of 52 years, Barbara, his four children and their spouses, 28 grandchildren, and many friends. Jim was laid to rest at the Northern California Veteran’s Cemetery, Igo, CA on February 8, 2019.

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Articles Written by James Rose for Pilgrim Institute, or Republished with Permission

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Permission granted to share graphic quotes.
Permission granted to share graphic quotes.