Choosing Valuable Online Learning

Choosing Valuable Online Learning

Written by Jeanette Whittaker 

Choosing Valuable Online Learning | How to Choose Valuable Online Learning


Choosing Valuable Online Learning

If you’re homeschooling through high school, it may be beneficial to find ways for your student to learn from an outside teacher with all the convenience of staying at home. With your guidance and oversight, well-chosen online learning can greatly enrich your student’s homeschool education.

Naturally, you’ll be looking for online learning in subjects you feel under-prepared to teach. That might be mathematics, perhaps foreign language, upper level science, or quite often a course fulfilling your requirement to teach high school government.

In some cases, your student may have a particular interest they are passionate about pursuing. Online learning could be a great option for expanding their learning in a specific field.

It’s also possible for a high school student to earn dual credit for both high school and college via online classes.

How Will You Choose?

But how will you choose? Budget limits and time commitments will no doubt be a factor. Make a point of seeking your spouse’s insights concerning the choices you are considering. Let your student suggest options. Check the requirements for graduation and think about which credits would best be earned at home, in a coop, in a homeschool class, or via online learning.

Be prayerful throughout this process. Wait for God’s leading and only move ahead when the direction is clear.

As you explore options, look carefully at student expectations. Will your student be required to attend an online class at a specified time? What are the deadlines? How will student work be evaluated? What are the course objectives? What views are promoted in the teaching? What materials will your student study? Does the thinking align with your family’s values?

Biblically-based Resources

If you’re looking for a Biblically-based resource that highlights the influence of God’s Word upon our nation, you’ve come to the right place. Link?? Restoring America’s Biblical Foundations is a power-packed series for families, coops, homeschool groups, concerned citizens, future leaders, or individual study.

Build your view of the individual and the nation by beginning with your view of God; how man was created for self government and liberty; a view of history that recognizes God’s hand at work; the principles that produced our federal, constitutional republic; and the one and only source of hope for our nation.

High Schoolers Comment

Here are some comments from high schoolers who have completed the study:

“To have a strong and good government we need to follow God and the laws He has made for us.”

“God’s Word enables us to govern ourselves. It changes us from within.”

“We need to be knowledgeable about our government.”

“I’ve learned a lot about the Christian side of government! And how God wants us to view government. I loved that this class helped me express what I think about the Biblical view of Government.”

As you build your thinking, you’ll want to consider the full-fledged, yearlong, online study Pilgrim Institute offers for high school history and government. It might be just what your student needs to be equipped for the future. The lessons deepen understanding and thinking skills, cultivate reasoning and writing skills, and enable young people to act from conviction as they step forward as citizens in our republic.



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