The Life and Times of John Locke

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Mary-Elaine Swanson has done an invaluable service for this and subsequent generations by resurrecting awareness and presenting an accurate knowledge of John Locke and his reasoning through an uncensored view of his life, writings, and incalculable influence on America. This book will help Americans understand the importance of Locke’s thinking for American constitutionalism today.”

“You will learn the real meaning of the “law of nature” as it was embraced in Colonial America and the separation of church and state embraced in the Constitution. The Founding Fathers looked to Locke as the source of many of their ideas. Thomas Jefferson considered Locke as one of the three greatest men that ever lived.”

“Locke advocated separation of the state from the church and extension of religious toleration. Locke’s political writings were an enormous influence on America’s founders in the preservation of liberty and the establishment of representative government. Locke’s contributions to American Liberty can clearly be seen interwoven in our colonial Declarations of Rights, paraphrased in our Declaration of Independence, and incorporated into our Constitution and Bill of Rights. The Declaration is born of the extensively studied and widely taught Treatises On Civil Government by John Locke. There Locke reasoned the very purpose of forming civil government is the protection of property, and that “life, liberty, and property (pursuit of happiness)” are not three separate rights but intrinsically one great and inalienable right he called “property”—which begins with the life of the individual, then his liberty which is essential to his productivity, followed by the right to enjoy the fruits of his labors without fear that the government will confiscate his property. These inalienable rights are from God and legitimate government has no authority to take them away but is chartered in fact to preserve and protect liberty.”

“The volume by Mary-Elaine Swanson, John Locke: Philosopher of American Liberty, Why Our Founders Fought for “Life, Liberty, and Property” is divided into five parts and is fully footnoted and indexed making it an excellent choice for any scholar.”

“Part One includes a biography of John Locke, showing his Biblical and Christian belief and character, along with the historical background of his life and times.”1

“The author writes as an historian to successfully defend Locke against charges of deism and atheism and to show that he was an orthodox Christian, a philosopher of free government, a theologian, a physician, a diplomat, an educator, a founder of the Bank of England, and a monetary reformer.” 2

Do you desire to learn the meaning of the “Law of Nature” as understood by our Founding Fathers? Would you like to understand the  separation of church and state embraced by our Constitution?

  Visit Pilgrim Institute today and obtain your own copy of “John Locke: Philosopher of American Liberty” by Mary-Elaine Swanson.

1 Nordskog Publishing, . Used with permission.

2 . Used with permission.


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