Noah Webster, Father of the Dictionary

Noah Webster: Father of the Dictionary
By Isabel Proudfit

“A typical American farm boy who made good under difficulties, Noah Webster’s influence in the development of the United States was a real contribution to its growth. His life covers a fascinating period in American history when the young republic was just getting on its feet. Where others gave the new country its laws and government, he provided schoolbooks glowing with the American spirit. Twenty-five million copies of Webster’s Spelling Book were used in schools during his lifetime. The American Dictionary, which he compiled when he was fifty years of age, was his greatest achievement.”

“Biography of the man who gave Americans their most important household book next to the Bible. Very readable account of Noah Webster’s long life of eighty-four years, of his gradual realization that he must write a good dictionary for the American school child. Years of teaching and practicing law showed him this great need…A picture of early education in the United states as well as the story of a well-known man and his work.” 

Check out these reviews on Learning Table Reviews and Sandra’s Book Nook. This great biography is available in Pilgrim Institute’s Online Store.


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