Cultivating American Christian Leadership

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Cultivating American Christian Leadership


In a recent article, we looked at the Leadership which is uniquely required to support a republic. Sometimes we are saddened by the lack of leadership which we see in homes, communities, and in our nation. We cry out for leadership which will be based upon Biblical principles. As American Christians, we must ask ourselves how can we cultivate the type of leadership which is required in our homes, communities, and in our nation?

God has given each of us our own local field in which we are to plant, water, nurture, and develop leadership — each individual’s field is unique to himself. You may be a parent or grandparent, a teacher, a pastor, a homeschool parent, or a business leader. Wherever God has placed you, He has given you the responsibility for the development of that field.

If you do not already know this individual, I would like to introduce you to an individual who has demonstrated the cultivation of leadership in others. Ralph Bullard, a father of ten and grandfather of many, served as headmaster of a thriving American Christian school for over 30 years, demonstrates the qualities required by each of us to cultivate leadership in others. Hear a clip from Ralph Bullard’s presentation at a Pilgrim Institute conference, as he shared his wisdom in how to cultivate American Christian leadership.

Mr. Bullard’s full presentation is available either on DVD or on CD from the Pilgrim Institute. I would encourage you to take advantage of the years of experience and wisdom which Ralph Bullard shares in this presentation.

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