Remembering Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln- Remembering his Life Character and Contributions

 In honor of Abraham Lincoln’s birthday, February 12, Pilgrim Institute is offering a selection of free resources to help you remember the character and contributions of our 16th president. You’ll find something of interest for children, youth, and adults.

Rememberg Lincoln
Remembering Lincoln

Click on the live links below:

Printable Gettysburg Address

Read the Gettysburg address and look for big ideas. Can you find Scripture to support Lincoln’s ideas? An example of an 11 year old’s reasoning using The Gettysburg Address: SAMPLE

Color Page

Student Page from Mighty Works of God

Student Activity Page from Mighty Works of God  and Answer Key

Leading Ideas “Honest Abe”

Proclamation Day Fast printable, courtesy of James Rose

Lew Wallace encounters Abraham Lincoln

A Timeline of Lincoln’s Life

Bringing Lincoln to Life

 For information on The Mighty Works of God, a  Providential History Series for Children described by Home School Enrichment Magazine as “truly a masterpiece!” visit Pilgrim Institute today.

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