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early learning with the Principle Approach | Kindergarten


Early Learning (Kindergarten) with the Principle Approach

The first years of more formal learning provide the foundation for all of the years to follow. Consider the following:

  • What are the key subjects? Teaching your child (students) to read will be the foundation for all learning. One of my favorite quotes: “A reading people will soon become a thinking people, and a thinking people must soon become a great people.” (Teaching and Learning America’s Christian History, p. 21)
  • Teaching the basic principles of mathematics to lay the groundwork for mastery
  • The earliest seeds of governmental thinking can be taught through the ideas of the history and Biblical teaching.
  • Key: remember that the beauty of the Principle Approach is to teach the seed idea at this level in each subject. Those seeds (rudiments) of the subjects can be expanded throughout the child’s years of study.


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Resources to the Teacher or Parent


Teaching Biblical Ideas and Reasoning
Online Seminar
Ruth Smith

America’s historic method of Biblical reasoning seeks to restore independent learning, mastery of academic principles, and the ability to apply the teaching of Scripture to every aspect of learning and living. How may students of any age be trained in the capacity for Biblical reasoning? How is Scripture related to what we teach? How will this teaching influence the heart and life of the student? His home? His calling in life? His community? His nation? This workshop will inspire and equip the teacher with illustrations from a variety of academic subjects.

As a homeschool or Christian school educator, do you desire to develop Biblical reasoning in your students?


Whether you see yourself as a concerned citizen, a Christian leader, an entrepreneuer, aparent or grandparent, or, perhaps, a homeschool or classroom educator, this study will engage and equip you to make a difference in your circle of influence.



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