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compiled by Ruth Smith

“The foundation of all free government and all social order must be laid in families and in the discipline of youth. Young persons must not only be furnished with knowledge, but they must be accustomed to subordination and subjected to the authority and influence of good principles. It will avail little that youths are made to understand truth and correct principles, unless they are accustomed to submit to be governed by them… And any system of education… which limits instruction to the arts and sciences, and rejects the aids of religion in forming the character of citizens, is essentially defective.” – Noah Webster




America’s Future Decided at Home

(First in the Series)

The American Christian Home

by Ruth J. Smith

 “In a republican nation, particularly, the home is the influence that will determine the character and quality of the nation…When establishing an American Christian home, the goal must not be to build an isolated family unit focused only on itself. . . Civil government will be reflective of the home.”

If the character and quality of the nation as a whole is a reflection of American homes, what must dedicated Christian families do to be an influence for good in our nation’s future? In a time when our nation has moved far from its foundation on the principles of Christianity, Ruth Smith provides a thoughtful challenge for each of us to consider.

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The Wise Homebuilder

The family is foundational to the Republic. God created the family before any other institution, and we find its parameters in the Word of God. No church, no community, can be stronger than the families by which it is comprised.

Correcting the Temper – Discipline at Home and School

There are Biblical and historical principles and methods of discovering and correcting both our own and our children’s temper and disposition. This session suggests some preventative and practical methods to cultivating and “correcting the temper.” It will also illustrate a powerful tool to discover, discern and set right some wrong inclinations, will, affection or disposition.

Home Education

Josh Bullard speaks on the American Christian approach to education.

Law and Equity: The Judicial Power of the Supreme Court and Parents, Too!

“The judicial power shall extend to all cases in law and equity, arising under this Constitution. . . .” (U.S. Constitution, Article III, Section 2)

Law and equity is not reserved to judges in courts of law! Parents, teachers, pastors – every American makes law and equity decisions in their daily lives.

This presentation explains briefly the Biblical and historical basis of this function of the U.S. Supreme Court and its abuse today. Of most importance, the principle of judgment and equity for the home and school will be illustrated.

Individual Self Government: The Answer to Socialism

The presentation explains how socialism is practiced in the home, church and nation and how individual self government displaces the character for and reliance on socialism. Clear illustrations confirm how the government of God through Christ displaces socialism in the home and church in order to advance liberty and local self government in the nation.


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Home Education

Josh Bullard speaks on the American Christian approach to education.

Imparting a Love of History in the Family

If history is His Story, then a love of God should produce a love of history. As well, a love of history should bring forth a love for the God of history. This workshop will address this relationship and how it is nurtured within the family.Historic examples and practical suggestions will be given for imparting a love of history through activities in the home. Abigail Adams provides an example of a mother who actively pursued developing the love of history in her son, John Quincy Adams. She wrote of this to her husband: “I have taken a great fondness for reading Rollins Ancient History since you left me. I am determined to go through with it, if possible in these, my days of solitude. I find great pleasure and entertainment from it, and I have persuaded Johnny to read me a page or two every day and hope he will, for his desire to oblige me, entertain a fondness for it.”

Home Influences for Character and Patriotism

Writing about the Christian home, Rev. S. Phillips stated, “It forms the citizen, lays the foundation for civil and political character, prepares the social element and taste, and determines our national prosperity or adversity. We owe to the family, therefore, what we are as a nation as well as individuals…It is on the family altar that the fire of patriotism is first kindled, and often, too, by a mother’s hand.” This truth, recorded by Rev. Phillips almost one hundred fifty years ago, is seen in the life of Abigail Adams, a true American patriot.

The life of Abigail Adams provides an example of American Christian character – Christian love, bravery, diligence, faith, and steadfastness. Her position as wife of an American president and the mother of another gave her a unique position in America’s history. The many letters which Abigail wrote to other women and to her husband reveal her intense patriotism, love of liberty, and commitment to her family. This workshop examines the influences which helped form Abigail’s character and the contributions she made to the lives of her children and her nation.

The Bible: God’s Mind Concerning the Home

The primary institution in any society is the home. The Bible is very explicit in what constitutes the home and its mission as it relates to character, self-government and civil government. This workshop addresses that mission.

Turning the Hearts of the Fathers to Their Children

To be effective in the ministry of Christian education, the school must work in good harmony with the home. How can fathers more actively assume their rightful roles of authority in their homes? How can fathers work together with other fathers to better shelter and protect their sons and daughters? How can you gain the fathers’ support to help uphold the rules, standards, and policies of your school? This workshop will present several practical ideas which can be utilized to properly and effectively answer these questions.

In the school or homeschool student relationship, the contact person is more likely to be the mother rather than the father. In by-passing the father, the school or the homeschool may miss the key to successful relationships.

Mother’s Role in Raising the Next Generation

The Christian Home lays the foundation of character, forms the citizen, and determines the nations’ “prosperity or adversity.” This presentation will offer Biblical and American examples of women who trained their children to love God and country. Using practical suggestions, the Bible and other resources, the instructor will discuss why and how mothers can cultivate Christian statesmen.

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