Principle Approach

The Principle Approach – Teaching Tip #1 – Leading Ideas

One of the keys to implementing the Principle Approach to American Christian Education is to teach not just facts or information, but to present principles and ideas. These will remain with the student long after the facts have been forgotten. As a teacher prepares lesson plans for each day, it is important to identify the main […]

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Welcome to Pilgrim Institute Blog

The Pilgrim Institute was established in 1979 to re-educate the American Christian in his responsibility to be governed by the principles of the Scriptures in all areas of his life, including the civil sphere, and to restore an understanding of local self government. Pilgrim Institute serves families, Christian leaders, concerned citizens, businessmen, and educators, equipping them […]

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How The Mighty Works of God Came to Be

My journey in producing The Mighty Works of God series goes back many years. It begins first with a personal journey of internal heart change when, as a Christian, I realized the Providential Hand of God in history, past, present, and future. I have partially told this story on our Pilgrim Institute blog and if […]

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