Honoring the American Flag

Honoring the American Flag


In recent days, I have seen multiple posts on Facebook regarding problems people have faced for simply displaying the American  flag.

The Importance of the American Flag

We have to ask ourselves — why is this so important? When teaching the importance of the flag, my mind always returns to the Children of Israel. As they were led for 40 years, their individual tribe was identified by the banner which they carried. Each was unique.

The design of our flag was an important event and much thought was given as to the meaning of each element.

At any ceremony, including the burial of a veteran or serviceman, I delight in the care and precision that is taken to simply fold the flag properly. Yet, we seem to have forgotten not only the importance of the flag as Americans, but how to care for the flag, how it should be displayed, etc.

Flags on Display

On a recent visit to the cemetery to place flowers at my husband’s grave, I saw an American flag, which had been placed by some veteran’s grave marker, lying in the bottom of the trash barrel where it had been thrown. Due to the type of trash which had been thrown on top of the flag, I did not try to rescue it, but my heart was saddened at the lack of respect or evidence of ignorance.

It appears that flag etiquette is not being taught to many of our children in school and perhaps their parents were never taught. How should you display the flag? In what ways should it not be displayed? How should you care for the flag? How do you retire a flag that has become tattered?

May I encourage you, if your children have not been taught the importance and etiquette for the flag, take the time to teach them in your home. If you need a refresher yourself, set aside the time to learn for yourself.

I searched for what might be a good resource, if one was needed, and found a website that identifies flag rules. One of the rules stated at the top of this website struck a chord with me:

“The Flag represents a living country and is itself
considered a living thing.”
Flag Code Section 8j

Although the site includes a number of flag violations at the top of its page, scroll on down to find the proper way to display the flag and how to fold the flag. Click here to view  their site.

If you are interested in a brief study of the flag and particularly the “Pledge of Allegiance” to the flag, please review the chapter in Liberty and Justice for All, in The Mighty Works of God series.

Learning More

Learning about the flag is only the beginning of learning the foundational principles of our nation. If the events of today are causing you to consider who we are as Americans, or what are our foundations, consider the many options Pilgrim Institute offers through our Learning Center or in the audio downloads, DVD’s and Cd’s, the DVD study – Restoring America’s Biblical Foundations, and other publications offered in the Online Store. Take advantage of this great material for your own education or the education of your children.


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