Where to Begin with Teaching and Learning America’s Christian History and the Principle Approach

Teaching Biblical Ideas and Reasoning

Teaching and Learning America’s Christian history, government and the Principle Approach to education begins with me.


Why is it important that I learn first? My children and/or students will learn as I learn. The ideas of America’s Christian history and government must first be internalized in my thinking and my life. Then I can impart these ideas to others.


What if I am not a teacher? Why should I study these materials? America’s Christian history is for each individual American Christian. We must learn the Biblical foundations of our nation. The only opportunity for the Biblical foundations to be restored in our nation is for the adults of this nation to reclaim their heritage and pass it on to the next generation. Although you may not be a teacher of others, you are teaching by your Christian walk, testimony and method of reasoning.
Any American Christian can have an influence in his own sphere, whether in the workplace, his church, or his neighborhood.


The Teacher must always go before the Student, whether in the home, the homeschool, or the classroom.
Check out the many options for you to Learn and Teach . . .

Teaching and Learning Opportunities for Training in America’s Christian History, Government and the Principle Approach to Education


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