Is Your High School Student Prepared to Take Part in Restoring America’s Biblical Foundations?

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Could your high school student defend the idea that America was founded upon Biblical principles of government? Could your student document these ideas both Biblically and historically?

Only as we raise up a generation of young people who are able to restore these Biblical foundations, can we expect to see our nation restored. Restoration will only take place in America when American Christians accept their responsibility in the area of both self and civil government.

For several decades, an essential part of American education has been neglected — the history of the Christian foundation of this nation and the Biblical principles of government upon which this republic rests. This course is designed to introduce the high school student to America’s Christian History and these governmental principles.

  • America’s Christian History and its importance identified
  • Identifying and researching Biblical principles of history and government
  • The effect of the Gospel on men and nations
  • The student’s responsibility for the restoration of the American Christian Republic
  • Reading and drawing conclusions from texts
  • Guided analysis of significant individuals, events, institutions and documents
  • Tools for mastering the skill of Biblical research and reasoning
  • Reflective questions, essays, maps and charts

Pilgrim Institute offers this one-year Online Course, Rudiments of America’s Christian History and Government. The Online Course provides learning for today’s lifestyle. Online learning allows you to work at your own pace; it is flexible and convenient. The Rudiments Course includes the following:

  • Audio lectures
  • A proven sequence of study
  • Clear step-by-step lessons
  • Individualized insights, comments, and suggestions from an experienced instructor
  • Supervisor’s Instructions
  • Suggested Overview



*Online Course does not include CD’s.  Online Course features online audios.

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