Celebrating the Life of James Rose

September 17, 1938 – January 19, 2019

As we commemorate Constitution Day – September 17, we also celebrate the life of Mr. James Rose, born on Constitution Day, 1938.

Mr. Rose lived in a manner that reflected His Creator and Lord. He testified faithfully to the remarkable Providence of God, and prompted others to do likewise.

A humble man of faith and steadfastness, Mr. Rose lived a life of purpose, governed by the principles of liberty. His goal was that others would walk in the liberty of the gospel and its outworkings: spiritual liberty, religious liberty, civil liberty, political liberty and economic liberty.

To that end, he labored with full confidence that God would work through the hearts of men to change homes, churches, classrooms, and nations.

The hand of God in Mr. Rose’s life can be seen in remarkable ways:

  • In his childhood, a friend invited him to attend church, where he heard the gospel.
  • During college, a friend invited him to drive into San Francisco where he was introduced to Miss Verna Hall who was sharing the Christian history of the Constitution which she had researched and documented.
  • After serving in the U.S. Navy, he met and married a young woman who shared his love for Providential history and Christian principles of government. They were married for 52 years.
  • Jim and Barbara waited prayerfully for children for ten years. God blessed them with four children and now 29 grandchildren.
  • Encouraged by Miss Verna Hall and Miss Rosalie Slater, Mr. Rose led the way for all of us in an American Christian philosophy of history, government, and education.
  • He was headmaster for the pilot demonstration school for the Principle Approach to American Christian Education. He hired Miss Katherine Dang to teach high school history. Mr. Rose and Miss Dang provided both scholarship and leadership across our nation for decades.
  • Beginning in the 1970s, he joined with Mrs. Ruth Smith and Pilgrim Institute, as well as other like-minded organizations, to enlighten and equip American Christians in an understanding of a Biblical view of God, man, and government.
  • In 1987, Mr. Rose published A Guide to American Christian Education: The Principle Approach. Miss Rosalie Slater introduced the Guide with these words: “Therefore, the restoration of the Principle Approach is a major contribution of James Rose’s ministry to Christians in America who wish to once again both learn and teach that Biblical philosophy of education which formed us ‘one nation under God.’”
  • For over five decades, Mr. Rose’s ministry reached families, educators, pastors, businessmen, public servants, school administrators, overseas missionaries, and many others both in the U.S. and in other countries.
  • His loving family assisted and cared for him through the difficulties of Parkinson’s disease.

James Rose was a gracious, Christian gentleman.

He purposefully and intentionally encouraged others to take note of the Providence of God personally and in our nation. He practiced and taught America’s historic, Biblical principles of government, and prompted countless others to do the same.

Mr. Rose advised us to remain steadfast in pursuing God’s calling and purpose in our lives. To his family, his colleagues, his students, his friends he often called us to “keep on keeping on.”

What better way to remember, honor, and treasure the legacy of Mr. James Rose than to remember and place our trust in One God Working.

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