When Society Crumbles

When Society Crumbles  by  Jeanette Whittaker

Society seems to be crumbling away in an alarming fashion. Without clarity of thought, it would be tempting to believe that enacting legislation, drastically rearranging the roles of our citizenry, or restructuring American institutions offer the only path to order and peace.

When Society Crumbles

Such is not the case.

The structure of a peaceful and orderly society, a society in which an individual has the liberty to pursue his happiness, is founded on straightforward, unchanging truths.

For 230 years, the nation has survived external threats and unforeseen dangers: scarred by the conflict, and sometimes wiser for having endured the storm.

So as we struggle to endure the conflict of our day, we must not be tempted to focus only on overcoming the dangers that threaten us from without, we must also look with care upon threats that come from within.

Choosing to neglect or ignore the fixed, primary, operative, foundational principles which are both timeless and enduring will cripple and destroy us.
For roughly two generations, Americans have questioned and debated our founding principles. Questions and debates are now things of the past. Instead, today–

Life is not valued.
Conscience is trampled.
Property is at risk.
Unity does not seem possible.

Left with nothing to provide stability, we foolishly believe that a new and better society may be had by some new and untried means.

Perhaps you realize the inherent fallacies of this thinking. If you have grounded your views in a Biblical perspective of God, man, and how man is to be governed, you understand that individual self government is necessary to support liberty.

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