My Characterization of Mary-Elaine Swanson by James B. Rose

Characterizing Mary-Elaine Swanson (1927-2011) And her book, “John Locke – Philosopher of American Liberty” Nordskog Publishing, 2012   By James Rose, President, American Christian History Institute   My characterization of Mary-Elaine                  Quickened by the research and remarkable testimony of Verna M. Hall, American Christian Historian, Mary-Elaine Swanson (nee Adams) devoted her spiritual and […]

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The History of the Bible is the History of Liberty…Interview with Ruth J. Smith

This is the final question in the interview between Mrs. Ruth J. Smith and a homeschool blogger. The first two questions can be found here: 1. The Bible In English, Do We Treasure It? and 2. Without the Bible, Truth will be Hidden The Question asked of Mrs. Smith was, “ “If you were to […]

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