Cultivating Leaders “For Such a Time as This”

Cultivating Leaders “For Such a Time as This”

Without a doubt, we are living in challenging times. Conditions in society seem to have deteriorated to new places of difficulty. Many struggle to find hope for the future.

From a Biblical and an historic perspective, however, God has always had a plan and has always raised up individuals to accomplish His purposes in just “such a time as this.”

What is this time for you as an individual?

Have you intentionally considered a Biblical view of God that is equipping you to serve in your own sphere of influence? The Biblical examples of Joseph and Esther are just two of many in Scripture that teach us to trust God in dark times and step forward in faith to pursue His calling—in the home, in the workplace, before our children and grandchildren, with our students in the classroom, in our church, and in our community. Are we teaching our children to trust in God’s Divine Providence? Listen to this clip by Ruth Smith.

What is this time for us as a nation?

It has now been over 50 years since Verna Hall first shared her insights regarding the Biblical principles of constitutional liberty. She invited friends and acquaintances to meet together to read and discuss the historic evidence of Providential history which she had diligently researched and was compiling. She pressed forward in God’s calling and purpose for the rest of her life, and her work continues to be shared today.

Mrs. Ruth Smith’s insightful teaching, “For Such a Time as This,” is inspirational, informative, and practical for each of us as we live out our individual purpose in this time.

In the 1970s, Mrs. Ruth Smith had the distinct honor and blessing of becoming acquainted with Mr. Ralph Bullard, under whose leadership Christian Heritage Academy, Del City, Oklahoma, came to influence countless families and continues to raise up American Christian leaders to serve in all spheres of society.

Mr. Ralph Bullard continues to humbly, patiently, and faithfully live Biblical principles of leadership which promote self government and liberty. His wisdom comes from years of walking through life with youth, faculty, and families, always demonstrating and intentionally sharing the simple lessons that will change a nation. Listen to this challenge by Mr. Bullard for our responsibility in cultivating future leaders.

“God has given each of us our own local field in which we are to plant, water, nurture, and develop leadership—each individual’s field is unique to himself. You may be a parent or grandparent, a teacher, a pastor, a homeschool parent, or a business leader. Wherever God has placed you, He has given you the responsibility for the development of that field.” –Ralph Bullard

Recommended Resources

To hear more from Ruth Smith, purchase the DVD or CD of “For Such a Time as This.” Or enjoy the unique, practical wisdom of Ralph Bullard’s presentation of Cultivating American Christian Leadership either on DVD or CD.



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