Teaching Tips

Teaching Tips for Educators | Leading Ideas, Student Recording

Teaching Tips

Do you have a role in enlightening, influencing, and encouraging the next generation? If you do, your example and instruction will shape the future not only of your students, but also of their homes, businesses, and even our nation.

With forty years of ministry to others just like you, Pilgrim Institute has the experience to help you educate in a manner that will promote liberty, cultivate self government, and encourage Biblical thinking in all aspects of life.

We are pleased to share with you some Teaching Tips that have proven effective in our own teaching with children and youth. We’ve shared them with other dedicated American Christian parents and educators, and are pleased to make them available to you in hopes that you will also find them meaningful.

Teaching Tip One

Student Recording – The classroom or homeschool teacher is challenged to guide the student in remembering the main idea of each lesson. How will the Student’s Recording accomplish this?

Teaching Tip Two

Leading Ideas – The American Christian educator determines the Leading Idea to be presented to the student in each class.

Teaching Tip Three

Maps provide an excellent opportunity for the student to produce a geographical essay which confirms his comprehension of the Idea covered. Each map should have one main idea, rather than many ideas on one map.

Teaching Tip Four

Rosalie Slater identified the Principle Approach as “America’s historic Christian method of Biblical reasoning which makes the truths of God’s word the basis of every subject in the school curriculum. The Principle Approach begins by restoring the 4 R’s to teaching and learning.” These 4R’s are Researching, Reasoning, Relating and Recording.

Based upon this statement we understand that we should be able to search the Word of God to find the basis of every subject which we are teaching to our students, whether in the homeschool or classroom curriculum. The question is “How can this be done?”