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Significance of the American Christian Educator
  • Significance of the American Christian Educator

Significance of the American Christian Educator

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The Significance of the American Christian Educator
Jeanette Whittaker

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First-time and long-time educators, classroom teachers and homeschooling parents, find clarity of vision as they carefully evaluate their education goals, philosophy and practice. In the midst of daily teaching, how do we keep our philosophy and vision in mind?

The life and teaching of John Witherspoon provide a marvelous example of American Christian education in the significant days of colonial America. One man, serving faithfully in his providentially-ordained sphere of influence, imparted to his students precisely what the Principle Approach to American Christian education seeks to do today.

Dr. Witherspoon's instruction and his life contributed greatly to the advancement of liberty in our nation. During his tenure at the College of New Jersey (now Princeton University), 86 of the graduates became active in civil government, including one U.S. president, one U.S. vice-president, ten cabinet officers, etc. Witherspoon, along with a significant number of his former students signed the Declaration of Independence and served on the Constitutional Convention.

This workshop will highlight Witherspoon's contribution as an American Christian educator and consider his direct influence upon the thinking of the American people. As we take this example to heart, we pray that God will use our lives and teaching to be an influence in our nation today.

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