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Pilgrim Institute serves families, Christian leaders, concerned citizens, businessmen, and educators, equipping them – through training and support materials – to assist in the restoration of Biblical principles in our Republic.

Meet Abraham Lincoln, H1021R


Physical Geography, G1000A


Aesop's Fables, L1006C


Little House in the Big Woods, L1009C


Abigail Adams: First Lady of Faith & Courage, L1010C


Heidi, L1011C

Carry On, Mr. Bowditch, L1002C


Little Women, L1012C


Robinson Crusoe, L1013C


Ivanhoe, L1015C


Deerslayer, L1016C


A Family Program for Reading Aloud, L1000F


Restoring America's Heritage of Pastoral Leadership, H1008P


Syllabus, American Men of Science and Invention, L1002TGF


Syllabus, Holland and Liberty L1005TGF


Syllabus, William Penn & the Colony of Religious Toleration L1007TGF


Syllabus, A Chronicle of Pioneer Life and American Christian Character, L1009TGF


Syllabus, Patriotic Women in the American Revolution, L1010TGF


Syllabus, Switzerland and Liberty, L1011TGF


Syllabus, New England Mind and Character, L1012TGF