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Abe Lincoln Grows Up
  • Abe Lincoln Grows Up

Abe Lincoln Grows Up

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Abe Lincoln Grows Up

Carl Sandburg

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Abraham Lincoln grew up in a one-room log cabin, did chores, cut down trees, shot wild turkey, cured hides, and learned the importance of hard work and integrity. But he was an outsider in his community: atowering gangly, coonskin-cap-wearing dremer who loved to read. With no formal education, Abe learned from his books and his life experiences. His greates lesson came when he traveled south on a flatboat down the Mississippi River and witnessed a slave auction firsthand. From that moment on, Lincoln's future, as well as the future of America, was changed forever.

Drawn from the early chapters of Pulitzer Prize - winning author Carl Sandburg's definitive biography, Abraham Lincoln: The Prairie Years, this is the remarkable story of the early years that shaped who Lincoln would become: one of our country's greatest presidents.