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 Restoring America's Biblical FoundationsStartbusrt

Are you a Christian Leader - a Pastor, Group Leader, Teacher?

    • As a Christian, have you given serious consideration to the connection between God's Word and the nation in which we live? After generations of forgetfulness and ignorance, few Christians can clearly articulate a truly Biblical view of men and nations.
    • This study is power-packed, designed to direct your thinking concerning the influence of the Word of God upon our nation–in the early days of its founding as well as in the current day in which we live.
    • The series introduces not only principles upon which the nation was founded but Biblical principles which apply to the individual's personal life and home.  
    • Would you like to share these ideas with fellow Christians? This series is ideal for a small group study, Sunday School series, special series for your church, or a home group study.

Restoring America's Biblical Foundation provides the means to do all of the above. To use this series, you will need the following: