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William Bradford


From my years young in days of youth,
God did make known to me his truth,
And call'd me from my native place
For to enjoy the means of grace.
In wilderness he did me guide

 And in strange lands for me provide. . . .
                               Farewell, dear children, whom I love,
                               Your better Father is above:
                              When I am gone, he can supply;
                             To him I leave you when I did.
                             Fear him in truth, walk in his ways,
                             And he will bless you all your days,
                             My days are spent, old age is come,
                             My strength it failes, my glass near run,
                              Now I will wait, when work is done,
                              Until my happy change shall come,
                              When from my labors I shall rest,
                              With Christ above for to be blest.

The Mighty Works of God: Divine Providence, by Ruth J. Smith, page 64
Quoted fromNew England's Memorial, Nathaniel Morton