Open. the Door to West. North America: Lewis & Clark Expedition

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 Opening the Door to Western North America:

The Lewis and Clark Expedition

Lynn Meier


The spring of 2004 celebrates the anniversary of the opening of the American West by the Lewis and Clark Expedition.

In 1803, the United States acquired the region of land known as the Louisiana Territory. President Jefferson commissioned Meriwether Lewis and William Clark to explore the unknown wilderness and learn as much as possible about its geography, natural resources, and inhabitants. Setting out from St. Louis in the spring of 1804, these brave men began a true adventure. This session will examine the character of the men on the expedition. Excerpts from the Journals of the expedition will be shared which tell of their daily adventures and labors. These original documents identify the true “pioneer spirit” with which they set about this daunting task. Suggestions will be given for teaching the Lewis and Clark Expedition in the history course. 


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