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Training Young Men & Women to be Salt & Light

CD, Aaron Ferguson, CD0823P
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Training Young Men and Women
to be Salt and Light in Society
Aaron Ferguson

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The statistics are alarming!  The vast majority of our Christian young people are walking away from the Church and/or abandoning their faith after leaving home to go to college; and very few of them ever come back. We've got to do something to combat these numbers or the American Church will disappear in one generation. Christian Heritage Academy has doubled its efforts by developing a student leadership ministry called "Salt & Light." Patterned after the Student Leadership Institute at Prestonwood Christian Academy in Plano, Texas, the  "Salt & Light" Program challenges students to exemplify servant leaderhip, to embrace the Church, to engage the culture, and to evangelize the lost. In this session, the practical application of these core values will be spelled out, so that your school will be better equipped to raise up agents of change or to implement a similar program at your school.

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