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The Life and Contributions of Laura Ingalls Wilder

CD, Jeanette Whittaker, CD0714P
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The Life and Contributions of Laura Ingalls Wilder
Jeanette Whittaker

The remarkable life of Laura Ingalls Wilder spanned an extraordinary period of American history. As the nation expanded across the western frontier, Laura witnessed the development of inventions that replaced horse-powered machinery, steam engines, and kerosene lighting with the convenience of gas-powered farm equipment, automobiles, electric lighting, and even travel by airplane.

Recognizing the significance of her family's place in history, she narrated for children the sacrifices, joys, and accomplishments of the stalwart pioneers who opened the western frontier.

This workshop commemorates the 50th anniversary of Laura Ingalls Wilder's death and will present biographical information, insight into Laura's life, character, and beliefs, as well as highlight her career as a writer and beloved children's author.

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