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Purpose and Method for Teaching and Learning Historic Events

CD, Penelope Paquette, CD0729P
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The Mighty Works of God:
The Purpose and Method for Teaching
and Learning Historic Events
Penelope Paquette

Learning and teaching history, at any grade level, requires us to think governmentally. The best teacher is first a student. Purpose and method are yoke-fellows. Might you organize your own teacher preparation and study by using a lesson plan?
Learn logical methods to find and study Providential vs. secular causes and purposes. Clearly teach leading ideas that imbed into our students' remembrance. Chart the key individuals and institutions involved. Light up your teaching with illustrations and maps. Reason with the Biblical principles of American Christian history and government. Learn to discern God's Providence and historical significance in a key event. Widen your research and resources, hone your discernment, develop Biblical reasoning in yourself and those you teach, and find your own liberty in learning.

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