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Luther Burbank: The Genius Who Trained Plants

CD, Lynn Meier, CD0821P
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Luther Burbank:
The Genius Who Trained Plants to Work for Man
Lynn Meier

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"Gardener to the World," "Plant Magician," and the "Plant Wizard," Luther Burbank believed that plants could be improved and strengthened to provide men with enormous food sources which were previously not available. This session will examine the character of a man who was not willing to give up on an idea, but followed his dreams to produce larger potatoes, seedless plums, spineless cactus, and hundreds of other varieties of fruits, vegetables, and flowers. Some of his methods of developing plant varieties will be introduced, along with observations from a young writer who worked with Burbank in the preparation of books to describe his plant experiments.

Suggestions are provided for teaching the life of Luther Burbank. These ideas may also be applied to teaching the lives of other great scientists

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