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American Leadership in the 19th Century

CD, Jill White, CD0818P
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American Leadership in the 19th Century
Jill White

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It has been noted that the worldview of a society is reflected in the leaders which that society either chooses or tolerates. In the life of our American Christian Republic, the 19th century proves the veracity of this statement; and as we enter the 21st century, it behooves us to examine carefully the mindset and attitudes of our forefathers. By doing this, we can more clearly see what marks they have left upon our society and what forms of liberty and government they shaped for the 20th and 21st centuries. This will enable us to face squarely the battles which lie ahead. In this session, we will first briefly examine the previous centuries of our nation. After laying a general understanding of our past, we will take a fuller look at the mindset and worldview of the average 19th century American and his leaders and what this means to us in our century.

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