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Teaching Christopher Columbus in the Primary Grades

Teacher's Guide, H1011P
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An American Christian Approach for Teaching
Christopher Columbus in the Primary Grades

By Jeanette S. Whittaker and Ruth J. Smith

Using the d'Aulaire biography, Columbus, as the textbook for year I, the Guide introduces the significance of Christopher Columbus, the Providential timing of exploration, the joys of discovery, and many applications for daily living. During year II, the students read Meet Christopher Columbus. The Guide highlights how God used an unusual event to put Columbus in exactly the right place; Columbus's remarkable voyage when he was laughed at, ignored and all alone; and the undaunted dedication of a lifetime which enabled Columbus to overcome many obstacles.

Teacher Guide – $12.95

  • Developing and expanding the Course Overview
  • Preparing lesson plans
  • Sample lesson plans
  • Leading ideas
  • Suggestions for student reasoning
  • Student activities-research, timelines, maps, charts
  • Teacher resources
  • 126 pages, softcover
  • Suggested grade level K-3


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