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Bundle Christopher Columbus and the Discovery of the New World and Teaching Guide

Teacher's Guide, H1013P
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A Special Bundle


Christopher Columbus and 
the Discovery of the New World
By Josephine Pollard

In addition to discerning the remarkable character of the great discoverer, the biography presents specific acts of Providence, examples of the justice of God, and the vast treasures of the New World waiting to be developed. "Columbus wove the chain that links the old world to the new...The tale has for us a fresh charm, and old and young find in it some new thought to dwell upon."

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An American Christian Approach for Teaching
Christopher Columbus and the Discovery of the New World
By Lynn M. Meier and Ruth J. Smith

A companion Teaching Guide to Josephine Pollard's, Christopher Columbus and the Discovery of the New World. The Guide assists the teacher in seeing cause and effect relationships, and the Biblical principles of America's Christian History and Government. "His trust in God, and his faith in himself, brought Columbus through straits which would have crushed a man less brave and bold." The lessons of this book are the timeless flessons of life which may be planted in the hearts of students.


  • Developing and expanding the Course Overview
  • Preparing lesson plans
  • Sample lesson plans
  • Leading ideas
  • Suggestions for student reasoning
  • Student activities-rese
  • arch, timelines, maps, charts
  • Teacher resources
  • 94 pages, softcover
  • Suggested grade level 4-6



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