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Pilgrim Institute

Established in 1979 for the
Restoration of American Christian Education and the
Preservation of America's Providential History

Welcome to the Pilgrim Institute online store. Pilgrim Institute seeks to offer materials which will preserve America's Providential history and restore American Christian Education: the Principle ship sq

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Pilgrim Institute serves families, Christian leaders,
concerned citizens, businessmen, and educators,
equipping them – through training and support
materials – to assist in the restoration of
Biblical principles in our Republic.

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Hans Brinker, or the Silver Skates

Hans Brinker, or the Silver Skates, L1005C

Tax amount:

Teacher's Guide Self Government with Union

Self Government with Union, Teacher's Guide, H1054BP

Tax amount:

The Mighty Works of God: Divine Providence

Divine Providence, Student Text, H1030BP

Tax amount:

The Mighty Works of God:Self Government with Union

Self Government with Union, Student Text, H1053BP

Tax amount:

A Guide for Teaching Aesop's Fables

A Guide for Teaching Aesop's Fables, L1001L

Tax amount:

Abe Lincoln Grows Up

Book, Abe Lincoln Grows Up, Carl Sandburg, $6.99

Tax amount:

Abigail Adams Teacher Guide

Syllabus, Patriotic Women in the American Revolution, ...

Tax amount:

ALS K Complete Package

American Language Series K Complete Package, PH1013L

Tax amount:

ALS K Reader Series

American Language Series K Reader Set, PH1012L

Tax amount:
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