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A Biblical Response to Anger

Audio Download, A Biblical Response to Anger, Christl Estre, MP1048P, $3.00
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A Biblical Response to Anger

Christl Estre

Audio Download - $3.00


What is the Biblical response to anger in the home, the church, the school and in the civil sphere? How did our Founding Fathers deal with anger toward the oppression of England? How do we as a nation today deal with anger toward those who threaten us?

This workshop will deal with the Biblical response to anger. Is it of God or is it sin? Ephesians 4:26, John 2:13-17, Psalm 37:8, and Colossians 3:8 will be studied. Biblical answers for the following questions will be discussed. Who should be responsible for anger? When should anger first be dealt with? How should anger be dealt with iin the church and in the classroom?

After reviewing how our Founding Fathers dealt with anger towards England, teh following question will be discussed: Can we as a nation today deal with anger in a Biblical manner as our Founding Fathers did?


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