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James B. Rose, President
American Christian History Institute


MR. JAMES B. ROSE is a forerunner in the field of American Christian Education with over 45 years of experience as a classroom teacher, Headmaster, Bible college professor and Chairman of the Department of Education, home-schooling principal and parent, licensed minister of the Gospel, conference speaker, author, and President of the American Christian History Institute ( Currently, he is also the Superintendent of the American Christian Academy Extension Campus of Anderson, California, (, ministering to nearly 300 home-school families and about 600 students in 9 counties of Northern California. Mr. Rose is the author and compiler of the classic curriculum guide of the Principle Approach, A Guide to American Christian Education for the Home and School (1987).  He resides in Redding, California, with his wife, Barbara. They are the parents of four home-schooled children and grandparents of twenty-two.

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