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Jeanette Whittaker
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MRS. JEANETTE WHITTAKER inspires both children and adults with her interest in Biblical thinking and her passion for literature and learning. As a young teenager, she was challenged by her pastor to a conviction that the Word of God speaks to every aspect of life--including both individuals and institutions. This conviction prompts her to encourage others in the practice of Biblical research and reasoning regarding educational disciplines, topics of interest, qualities of character, and more. Her own education from an American Christian philosophy, combined with her ability as a captivating story-teller, makes her a welcome speaker on both historic and literary subjects. She currently serves in leadership for Pilgrim Institute, a ministry she has been part of since 1983. In addition to 10 years of classroom teaching at both elementary and secondary levels, she currently educates her two children at home. She is also a contributing author to The Mighty Works of God Providential history series for children, and is the co-author of An American Christian Approach for Teaching Christopher Columbus in the Primary Grades.

Materials Available
An Old-Time Thanksgiving
Developing and Teaching a Literary Classic
Regional Writers of Nineteenth Century America
Introducing Children to a Master Writer - Charles Dickens
A Nation at Liberty Advances: Inventions and Industry
 The Life and Contributions of Laura Ingalls Wilder
Restoring America's Biblical Foundations Study Kit
The Literature of Liberty
Cultivating a Heart for Learning
Heroes of Liberty from Colonial to Modern America
Significance of the American Christian Educator
Employing Questions to Articulate Reasoning
Studying the Bible as Literature
Techniques in Literary Analysis
Treasuring the Literature Classics
 The Principle Approach - Developing a Course Using the 4-R's
 Restoring America's Biblical Foundations DVD's
 Poetry - Themes for the Home or Classroom

Teaching Christopher Columbus in the Primary Grades

Children's Stories

Developing and Teaching a Literary Classic