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Mrs. Dixie Thompson


Mrs. Dixie Thompson’s training through Pilgrim Institute over a twenty year period helped equip her to serve almost 30 years in administrative leadership in three Christian schools, two of which she was instrumental in founding. Those years offered her opportunities to develop a complete school program reflecting an American Christian philosophy of education and in implementing the Principle Approach. She personally developed and taught courses on both the elementary and high school levels, trained and guided faculty in developing lessons, led numerous parent training gatherings, and shared in a variety of sessions at Pilgrim Institute conferences.  Having lead the writing-team in developing the printed resource and study guides for RESTORING AMERICA’S BIBLICAL FOUNDATIONS, Dixie has also had the pleasure of facilitating the same study in a number of settings. She delights in mentoring home schooling moms and teachers who are implementing an American Christian philosophy of education as well as in speaking at ladies’ retreats or gatherings, encouraging Christians to learn, value, and share America’s priceless heritage of Providential history and testimony of individual liberty and self-government. She serves as a Pilgrim Institute Field Associate in Florida where she resides and on the Pilgrim Institute Board of Directors. She was married to her late husband Robert (Bob) for over 50 years. They were blessed with two children and four grandchildren.


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