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Ruth J. Smith, President
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MRS. RUTH J. SMITH is co-founder and President of the Pilgrim Institute, author and master teacher. Her most recent publications are a series of elementary history student texts and teacher guides, entitled The Mighty Works of God. The first four volumes are Self Government, Liberty and Justice for All, Divine Providence and Self Government with Union. She is also co-author of the manual Restoring America's Heritage of Pastoral Leadership and author of the section on "Teaching America's Christian History in the Elementary School", published in A Guide to American Christian Education for the Home and School by Mr. James B. Rose. Other publications include two elementary history guides, combined efforts with Lynn Meier and Jeanette Whittaker. Mrs. Smith assists American Christians through seminars, Rudiments of America's Christian History and Government courses, Advanced Institutes, Conferences, and consultation for American Christian schools. Her example and faithful teaching efforts have benefited individuals, families, and schools nationwide. She has over 50 years of teaching and administrative experience in American Christian education, spanning the elementary, secondary, college, and adult levels. A mother of three grown daughters, she enjoyed the opportunity to assist in the education of eight grandchildren.


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 The Mighty Works of God: Liberty and Justice for All
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