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Frequent Questions and Answers

As individuals are introduced to the ideas of America's Christian history and our Christian form of government, there frequently are questions which arise in their thinking. Some of these typical questions are asked below, with answers provided by individuals from various ministries and walks of life. 

Enjoy listening to James Rose, President of the American Christian History Institute; Katherine Dang, President of the Philomath Foundation; Ruth Smith, President of Pilgrim Institute; Ralph Bullard, Ambassador of Christian Heritage Academy; along with others from across America. These clips are portions of the Repairing the Breach video. Click here to view the complete video or to order your complimentary DVD.

What is the relationship between "American" liberty and Christianity?

What is the relationship between "American" liberty and Christianity? 


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How does history reveal God working to bring forth spiritual liberty and its effect in civil liberty?

What did Noah Webster state concerning the authority of the Scripture?


How does the study of America's Christian history affect the individual?


Why should we study history from a Providential view?


What is the Providence of God?


Why is each individual important in God's plan?


What determines if civil government is good?


What makes our Republic unique?


Is there a connection between spiritual liberty and political freedom?


What is the purpose of civil government?


What is causing the breach between the Christian and his nation?


What can the righteous do?


What is God's command to the individual in regards to civil government?


Why should the history of this nation be taught to succeeding generations?


What is the Christian's responsibility in our nation?


What are the effects in a nation that neglects Christianity

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