The Mighty Works of God

The Mighty Works of God a providential history series for children

 The Mighty Works of God

 A Providential History Series
for the Home and School

How can your student love history?

“I used the Mighty Works of God for all four of my school-aged kids. The Teacher’s Manual helped me see how to apply the Principle Approach to a lesson. I was able to take the leading idea from each lesson and expand it for my older children…

Divine Providence gave me a basic curriculum from which to work. You identified principles and leading ideas and provided questions for reasoning and reflection. As a busy mother of several children, this was a huge time saver…The CD of notebooking pages was another timesaver…

“I believe many families are drawn to the Principle Approach because they want to teach their children to think and reason from the Bible…It takes time to learn the principles and how to extrapolate leading ideas from the lessons. That’s why I believe the Teacher’s Manuals to The Mighty Works of God series are so valuable.”–Diane, Homeschool Mother

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