The Glorious Revolution: Locke Adapted

Continuing with John Locke: Philosopher of American Liberty by Mary Elaine-Swanson…

Part Two documents Locke’s philosophical and active influence on securing religious toleration and rights of Englishmen up to the time of William and Mary.

“John Locke is written in a clear, concise, accessible style that maintains a good balance between the informal and the scholarly with extensive documentation. The biography of Locke shows how thoroughly he influenced the England of his day. Locke’s ideas came to be adapted by England in its “Glorious Revolution, as it moved from an absolute to a limited monarchy in which the king ruled with the Parliament.”  from review of Darold Booton

What do you know about the Glorious Revolution? What does the drafting of the English Bill of Rights have to do with our American Christian Founding?  What roll does it play in our American Christian history? Begin your study today.


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