The French Revolution: Locke Abandoned

The French Revolution: Locke Abandoned

The French revolution: burning the royal carriages at the Chateau d’Eu, February 24, 1848. (Image courtesy of Library of Congress, Prints and Photographs Division [reproduction number, LC-USZC2-2370 (color film copy slide)].)

Part Four examines Locke’s philosophy in contrast to the French philosophes who dropped his God-given basis and embraced an anti-religious, secular, and absolutist political theory. Mary-Elaine Swanson presents a clear comparison (illustrated in the life of Lafayette who was inspired by Lockean thinking to fight for freedom on two continents), of the French Revolution which gave rise to monarchy and chaos, against the American War for Independence which resulted in a stable and just government with individual liberty and prosperity.

“In France, Locke’s ideas were abandoned with the grim consequences of the French Revolution.” Darold Booton.

Was the American Revolution like the French Revolution? What is the difference between the two? What was the result of the French abandoning Locke’s ideas?  Find out in Mary-Elaine Swanson’s volume on Locke. Order your copy today at Pilgrim Institute.



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