Restoring America’s Biblical Foundations


Have you considered whose responsibility it is to preserve and restore the nation?  How do you pass that responsibility to the next generation? Why would studying history, particularly America’s Christian history, be so important in achieving this goal? Would it matter what approach to history is taught?

What influence does the Word of God have upon our nation? As a Christian, have you given serious consideration to the connection between the Word of God and the nation in which we live?

Does your heart yearn to secure the blessings of liberty for your children as they were secured for  previous generations?

You’re not alone in that yearning! Pilgrim Institute receives emails and phone calls from parents, educators, and concerned citizens alike asking what they can do to effect change in their homes, churches, community, and nation.

Now is the time to take action!

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What others are saying:

  “Not only my life, but the ministry of a highly respected Christian school has been impacted by the teaching of these principles. I strongly recommend this educational package.” – Mr. Ralph Bullard, CHA Ambassador.

Restoring America’s Biblical Foundations is a most excellent study to begin one’s course toward thinking governmentally.”- Ms. Katherine Dang, Philomath Foundation

“I believe it would be a tremendous blessing to people who have attended Pilgrim Institute seminars in the past. I also believe it would serve as a great introduction to the philosophy of the Principle Approach to restoring America’s Christian heritage, how to think governmentally, and the Biblical basis of our American Christian Republic. . . .” – Glen Jaspers, Evangelist

What you can expect from Restoring America’s Biblical Foundations study:

Learn a Biblical View of Government– How does Christianity extend itself beyond the realm of personal spirituality to influence society? What effects are evidenced in a nation when Christianity is suppressed? What benefits are bestowed upon a nation whose God is the Lord? Why must Christians be awakened to an understanding of God’s truth concerning nations? What are the consequences of ignoring God′s truth? How can ordinary families restore and preserve a Biblical view of government?

Learn a Providential View of History– History for many has been the study of dull facts and dates because the cause–God’s hand–has been ignored. If we study history from a Biblical view of man and government, we will recognize the impact which the Word of God in the hands of the individual has upon civil government.

Learn the 7 Principles of America’s Christian History and Government– If American Christians are to succeed against the anti-Christian forces attempting to overtake their nation, they must restore their capacity to “think governmentally” and to Biblically address all the issues challenging the existence of their Christian homes, churches and local governments. This presentation will present the story behind the discovery and purpose of the seven minimal principles of America’s Christian history and government, and explain why these truths constitute a Biblical blueprint for individual liberty and government. The key to understanding the spirit and letter of these principles will be identified and reasons will be given to take possession of these seven practical truths.

Experience Hope for the Nation-The renewing and fulfilling of this hope, comes with the practice of American Christian education. Personally practicing American Christian education, with its cause-effect relationship, brings hope to the individual and ultimately the nation.

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From the Desk of Ruth Smith, President of Pilgrim Institute:

Dear Friends of Christian Liberty,

Many posts have been written since the election, and I feel, too, that God has given us an opportunity as American Christians which we must not waste. We dare not go back to the same complacency which allowed us to tacitly consent to the loss of so many liberties over the past years. We must recognize that the only source of liberty is from God and give Him the glory for all liberty we have in America. Then we must take our responsibility to see it is preserved for the next generations. This will only be done by knowing the Biblical foundations of our nation — then teaching and living the Biblical principles of government, which are these foundations in our homes first, and then seeing it extended throughout our nation. Christians, we must be wise, seek God’s face, pray for our leaders, and know who we are as a nation, so that we can restore and preserve its foundations. Pilgrim Institute has been ministering since 1979 as a part of that restoration process. May God bless each one of you who is willing to not just sit back and enjoy the blessings of liberty, but take the responsibility for our nation’s restoration and preservation

Laboring Together,


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