Leadership Demanded by a Republic

A Constitutional Federal Republic demands, calls for, requires, American Christian leadership be taught, illustrated, and demonstrated..." Mr. James Rose, American Christian History Institute

Leadership Demanded by a Republic

Today, Americans appear to be looking for Leadership in many areas of their lives. This poses many questions: Are we looking for the right kind of Leadership? Does our nation, as a Republic, require a different type of Leadership than other nations? Where does that Leadership begin? Does the rising generation recognize how to choose those whom they would follow as leaders? Are there individuals prepared to be leaders? Are we producing Leadership who will guide in sustaining our American Christian republic?

James Rose, President of the American Christian History Institute, declared “A Constitutional Federal Republic demands, calls for, requires, American Christian leadership be taught, illustrated, and demonstrated on four levels/arenas, simultaneously, for the purpose of advancing individual liberty and self government. As parents, pastors, pedagogues, and producers lead (follow Christ, the Bible) in these four arenas, simultaneously, a Republic can be preserved and perpetuated.

“The four levels are:

LOCAL SELF-GOVERNING HOME/FAMILY – What would parents – Dad and Mom – be found doing in a local self-governing home to Teach, Illustrate and Demonstrate self-government?

LOCAL SELF GOVERNING CHURCH – What would the pastor and members be doing to Teach, Illustrate and Demonstrate local self-government?

LOCAL CHRISTIAN HOME OR DAY SCHOOL – What would the “pedagogues” – administration and faculty – be doing to Teach, Illustrate and demonstrate American Christian Education for the purpose of sustaining and advancing the capacity to reason from the Bible and practice self government?

LOCAL BUSINESS – What could a local, self-governing producer – employers and employees – do to sustain and advance individual liberty and self government under a Constitutional Federal Republic?”

Hear a clip from his presentation “Leadership Demanded by a Republic”, presented at a Pilgrim Institute Conference. Enjoy the full presentation on CD or DVD.

What is the Character and Responsibility of a Leader

Pastor Carl Henry uses God’s Word to direct our reasoning as we look at the Biblical persons of Elder (writer), Gaius, Diotrephes, and Demetrius from 3rd John. Considering the following questions: What is the character of a leader? What is his responsibility?

Using Titus, Chapter 1, Pastor Henry identifies qualities of a leader, making the Biblical case that God is the Originator of Biblical leadership. A godly leader has been grounded in God’s Word. The Scripture takes root in his or her life and godly leadership is the resulting fruit.

Listen to this brief Audio Clip, to hear more about the qualities and responsibilities of a leader, taught on this DVD. It will help you be better able to discern true leadership in your ministry. This is recommended for all Christians, but especially for those in pastoral leadership.

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