America’s Christian History

Representatives and Their Duty

As I watched the news last evening, I was contemplating events taking place in my home state, as well as several states in the Midwest. Several thoughts came to mind: As our representatives were elected, they were sent to “stand in our place” to make decisions according to their conscience. When difficult choices are to be […]

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Announcing Online Learning

    Discover the building blocks of America’s heritage of spiritual, religious, political, civil, and economic liberty. Clarify your personal grasp of God’s Hand in the lives of men and nations. Build your knowledge of the Biblical truths which are central to American liberty. Prepare yourself to be a minister of healing for our nation. […]

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How The Mighty Works of God Came to Be

My journey in producing The Mighty Works of God series goes back many years. It begins first with a personal journey of internal heart change when, as a Christian, I realized the Providential Hand of God in history, past, present, and future. I have partially told this story on our Pilgrim Institute blog and if […]

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